Shan Shahul( Manager)

Pathanamthitta, The southern part of Kerala. Land of farmers, spices, Rivers and mountains…! As a Non Resident Indian, When I was thinking about a business in India, I noticed the lack of standard shopping experience in Pathanamthitta for construction materials and, available firms are hard like “construction”. I hooked up the construction material industry. Mainly in tiles and sanitary. I had enough land and building to start such kind of business.

While enter the business, I noticed the whole tile industry locked with few brands. The magazines are filled with few brand advertisement. The customers know only those names. They are not bothered about those products quality and after sale services. Actually there are many products with high quality than the “brands”. I decided to deal with them. Prepared spacious show room and storage area. On January 2010 we started the business. Now we are a land mark in city with almost construction materials like Tiles, Sanitary, Hardware, Electrical, Plumbing and Cement. We have enough parking space and spacious show room to receive customers. Dedicated sales team will assist our customers to select their choices. After sales service and free transportation is provided. World class office, discussion facilities, spacious multi level show room, Free Wi-Fi access, Refreshments, True taxable billing, Attached store and Free transportation is differ us from others…

As we said above, we are not behind costly brands but providing brands which have competitive quality. We are selling only “premium-1st quality” tiles and sanitary. We registered our name as trade mark to save our fidelity in future. Later, on 2012 we reach to Chittar. Around 30km far from the mother shop. Delivering materials if they are bulk, from main store at same day. Now Chittar haven’t any other name than MULBERRY to choose.

We are motivated with smiles of our customers. We are aware have to fly more high... become as excel in the business, the way is still long…hope we can meet in MULBERRY to feel a different shopping environment.